Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Gold Coast is a Tier 2 Centre


Tier 2

A Hard Shell Hyox or Sechrist Hyperbaric chamber going to a maximum pressure of 3 ATA  whilst you breathe in 100% oxygen 

Tier 1

A soft shell (Mild) Hyperbaric chamber going to a maximum pressure of 1.3 ATA breathing in 92-95% oxygen from an oxygen concentrator.

Tier 3 would be a hard shell chamber you would see in a hospital going to 3ATA and above.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments Available

Hyox Hard Shell Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber -
Tier 2

Tier 2— Hard chambers, non-hospital based free standing clinics

(up to 3.0 ata)

Tier 2 chambers are considered mid range and deliver medical grade oxygen at a rate of 20-30L per minute with 100% concentration.

Protocols require greater than 1.5 ATA

There are 70 conditions recognised by the International Hyperbaric Medical Foundation that require higher pressure protocols than Tier 1

Conditions. These are considered investigational and classified as "off label". It is generally understood that HBOT does not directly treat these conditions but may target the physiological processes contributing to them.

Mild Hyperbaric Chamber -
Tier 1

Tier 1 -  Mild Hyperbaric Chambers are typically "soft," inflatable chambers using pressurised air at 21 % with a limited flow of 5-8L of oxygen per minute, with 93% oxygen concentration. This chamber is great for maintenance or improving endurance for sports and general wellbeing.

Which Chamber Should You Use?

If you are after sporting recovery or building up your endurance and stamina then the soft chamber is ample.

However if you have acute or more serious conditions then you would get more benefit from using the hard chamber.

This is because different illnesses require different treatment pressures and there is a distinct drug-dose response by the patient. For example most neurological and orthopedic conditions including autism respond best to pressures between 1.7 to 2.0 ATA . Lyme disease and chronic fatigue syndrome patients need  2 - 2.2 ATA pressures to achieve a positive result.


The inflatable soft chambers (Mild Hyperbaric) are unable to deliver both the required treatment pressure and oxygen percentages for these health problems. 

However once you have reached a certain point in your recovery maintenance using a soft chamber can be very beneficial.

What is the Cost?

Initial Risk Assessment = $160

HYOX = $250 per session

Package of 20 = $200 per session

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