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Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Here at Hyperbaric O2 Gold Coast we aim to make your journey into Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy as smooth as possible. When you first arrive you will go through an initial risk assessment to make sure that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy will be ok for you. If it is agreed that you are ok for Hyperbaric O2 Therapy you will be taken to our Hyox Hard Shell Hyperbaric Chamber where you will be fitted with a mask and your blood pressure taken. We have a video screen so you can watch your favourite documentary whilst you are inside the chamber.

Once your blood pressure is recorded and all looks good you are taken to a room to change into all cotton clothing pyjamas, either which you have brought with you or supplied by us, and to remove any jewellery you have on. This is a safety measure as we are working with 100% pure oxygen. The chamber is very easy to get into as the seat slides all the way out of the chamber so once you are sitting comfortably we slide you in and begin to pressurise. During the pressurisation process you will have to equalise your ears many times. It's the equivalent to going 10 metres underwater but we can go very slowly giving you ample time for the ears to equalise. If at any time you feel uncomfortable or are having issues with your ears then we can stop the pressurisation where we are and wait for the feeling to pass before continuing.

After the chamber has reached the pressure you will be staying at for this session you will be asked to put on the mask and begin breathing 100% pure oxygen. You can also put on headphones and listen and watch your favourite program. The session usually lasts for an hour from when maximum pressure is reached and ends when you remove the oxygen mask to begin the depressurisation process. You are monitored at all times by a hyperbaric technician either waiting there with you outside the chamber or from a camera. You have a call button within the chamber to get the attention of the hyperbaric technician. You also have a walkie talkie to get hold of the technician at any time.

Once you have reached maximum pressure there will be no more need to equalise your ears. It is a very comfortable experience.

After you have been breathing in Medical Oxygen at pressure for an hour we begin to depressurise the chamber. This can take up to 10 minutes. During this time you can still watch your program but you may have to yawn and open your mouth wide to release pressure in the ears. it is advised not to squeeze your nose and blow during the depressurisation phase as this can cause a pressure build up in the eustachian tubes in the ears which may become very uncomfortable.

Finally you will be back to the pressure we are at at sea level and we can release the door and slide you out. We take your blood pressure again to see how you are and offer you a herbal tea to refresh you. After this you are free to head on out into the world again whilst all that oxygen is circulating through your body, nourishing your tissues, muscles, organs and helping you back into peak health. You may be hungry as oxygen cause blood sugar to drop so please make sure you are well fed before your session and that you eat again shortly after your session. Oxygen can also have a drying effect on your throat so it is important to drink lots of fluids throughout the day too. We look forward to seeing you here and starting your Hyperbaric Oxygen journey.

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